Study rebuts perceptions of migrants’ English use

December 10, 2008

PHOENIX, AZ–Phoenix resident Guadalupe Garcia has lived in the United States for nearly 35 years, but she still doesn’t speak English well. The 65-year-old seamstress from Mexico spoke only Spanish at home to her children and held jobs where she didn’t need much English. full story  related story
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Star student not allowed back into U.S. because of illegal past

December 2, 2008

MESA, AZ–Daniella Aguado wanted to be an english teacher ever since high school, and at 21 years old, she has succeeded. Success was never a foreign concept for Daniella – especially at Mountain View High School in Mesa. “I had a wonderful experience in high school. I love studying,” says Daniella “I had good grades.” “Good” is putting it politely. full story
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English-learners rule strains TUSD, Sunnyside resources

November 11, 2008

TUSCON, AZ–A federal court hearing that starts Monday could ease pressure on Tucson-area schools teaching English to non-English speakers. The state Legislature has mandated four hours of segregated English immersion classes, which costs school districts money they say they don’t have. A week or more of testimony in a hearing in Flores v. Arizona, a 1992 suit filed full story
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Ariz. English-learning issue back in court

November 3, 2008

TUSCON, AZ–A federal judge will begin a lengthy hearing Monday to take another look at the adequacy and funding of Arizona school programs for students learning English, including a new state mandate for four-hour instruction blocks. The hearing full story
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English class for parents

October 29, 2008

TUCSON, AZ–Maria Tomaine didn’t want to be the only person in her home not to speak fluent English. Her husband, Paul, doesn’t speak Tomaine’s native Spanish, and her children’s primary language is English as well. So Tomaine took advantage of a free program her children’s school district offers because it believes parents who can speak English can more full story
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Interpretation study fills hospital need

October 21, 2008

PHOENIX, AZ–Hospital stays can be scary, but what if you don’t speak the language and you can’t communicate with the medical staff? What if your child is critically injured or seriously ill? Reassurance and communication from a physician can be vital. And just as daunting is when medical personnel need information and can’t communicate with the patient or the patient’s family. full story