About ESOL World News

ESOL World News Mission

ESOL World News is a compilation of news articles from all over the world having to do with English langauge learning, teaching, learners, and teachers.

No opinions are expressed in the main posts to this blog.

Rather, ESOL World News’ mission is to supply teachers, directors, professors–the entire ESOL community–with the largest possible collection of news relating directly to them and their students.

About the Host

John Brezinsky is a manager at Pearson Longman. After completing his BA in English at Tulane University in New Orleans, he taught EFL in Moscow for 3 years. He returned to the U.S. and received his Master’s in Applied Linguistics/ESL from Georgia State University. He has taught in and administered university IEPs, a community college ESL program, and a private language school. He presents at conferences and leads workshops on contemporary teaching methodology. His primary interests include course design and corpus linguistics, as well as teaching grammar, pronunciation, reading/writing, and listening/speaking.

What do you mean, ‘no opinions’?

John Brezinsky also posts in another blog–ESOL TrendWatch. This was designed as a home for analysis of trends and issues in the world of English for Speakers of Other Languages. If you’re looking for opninions and analysis–try ESOL TrendWatch.

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