UK ‘still good place for overseas students’

November 11, 2008

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–New visa requirements will not deter overseas students, the British Council insisted this week, ahead of the launch of a competition to highlight the contribution they make to life in the UK. Critics claim the new points-based system will make UK universities less welcoming just as the perception of studying in the US improves after Barack full story
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Obama win could hit recruitment of foreign students

November 5, 2008

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–Barack Obama’s historic election could hit the ability of British universities to recruit lucrative overseas students. Universities in the UK have benefited from the negative perception of America around the world since the September 11 terrorist attacks and the tightening of visa requirements that followed. full story
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Foreign Teachers Say Visa-Rule Biased

October 7, 2008

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA–South Korea’s visa policy has been accused of favoring “gyopo’’ or ethnic Korean English teachers over other foreign nationals, with this favoritism creating loopholes in the system making it easier for those with criminal and drug records to go undetected. However, the government has indicated it has no immediate plan to change visa rules. full story