ELL challenges not insurmountable

December 1, 2008

NASHVILLE, TN–Davidson County is home to more than a quarter of all Tennessee’s English language learners — a situation that poses challenges to Metro Schools in terms of funding. School district leaders say there are questions as to whether the state’s funding formula for ELL students provides appropriate compensation for the resource-intense process of helping kids learn English. full story
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Legal moves snarl English-only proposal

November 24, 2008

NASHVILLE, TN–A judge could decide early next week whether to block a vote on an amendment that would force all Metro Nashville government business to be done in English. Davidson County voters are set to consider the charter amendment full story
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Gov. Bredesen Begins Budget Hearings

November 18, 2008

NASHVILLE, TN–Gov. Phil Bredesen started holding budget hearings Monday. The state faces an $800 million budget shortfall and he is calling for every department to cut 10 percent from their budgets. The governor isn’t ruling out the possibility of layoffs. full story
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Grades are in for Tennessee’s students

November 13, 2008

NASHVILLE, TN–The state Department of Education today released Tennessee’s annual report card — detailed data on student achievement, discipline and demographics. According to the results, Tennessee met federal benchmarks in every category except with limited English proficient students. Overall the state is in good standing under the No Child left Behind law, which requires full story
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Chattanooga: Challenged by language barriers

October 14, 2008

CHATTANOOGA, TN–Translator Paula Maldonado speaks English and Spanish, but she’s often asked to take a stab at Arabic or Somali. Her colleagues at East Side Elementary School know that anyone who calls the school with an accent is forwarded to Ms. Maldonado’s phone. “So, I’m like, OK, ‘Hola?’” she said, chuckling. “Sometimes I just try talking really slow.” full story