Language pros help foreign doctors speak English more clearly

November 12, 2008

DALLAS, TX–Karen Yates has a discerning ear. A language specialist, she hears native Chinese speakers learning English failing to pronounce the consonants at the end of their syllables, so they’ll say “blah” instead of “blood.” Indian speakers, she says, often reverse “W” and “V” and, as a result, “heart valve” becomes “heart wow.” It’s precisely these kinds of language issues full story
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Get that accent right with Bangalore’s English teachers

October 17, 2008

BANGALORE, INDIA–At first glance, one would mistake Sadhana Govindraj, 32, to be practising English pronunciation with a headphone attached to a computer assisting her at her home in the uspscale Jayanagar neighbourhood of south Bangalore. She is, in fact, teaching her students miles away to speak English the way it should be spoken. full story