Students learn science in their own words

November 12, 2008

MIAMI, FL–Fifth-grade student Leinsa McNally remembers pausing when she saw an unfamiliar word in her science book. What in the world is a hypothesis? she wondered. Then, on the very same page, Leinsa spotted the translation into Haitian-Creole: pansé. ‘I was like `Oh,’ ” the North Miami Elementary student recalled. “It made a lot more sense to see it there in Creole.” full story
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Florida can’t afford to cut ESOL training

October 27, 2008

MIAMI, FL–Learning a foreign language can be daunting. In Florida, there are almost a quarter-million public-school students learning English for the first time. They’re expected to pass the FCAT in a year. Talk about intimidating. Those students don’t only have to speak English fluently, they must master grammar and reading at their grade level. Yet research shows it takes two to five full story