Conquering the language barrier

November 14, 2008

GLEN BURNIE, MD–Inside Corkran Middle School a small-class of students are raising their hands as high as they can go, straining to answer questions from a calm, collected teacher. The room is arranged in five or six rows, each with four desks facing a screen where English for Speakers of Other Languages teacher Amy Evers is directing the traffic. A few girls in the back corner full story
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Suffering test anxiety

November 3, 2008

BALTIMORE, MD–Inti Guaman is a senior on the brink of either going off to college or staying behind to get through high school. It all depends on how quickly he is able to soak up vocabulary words so that he can pass his High School Assessment exam in English II. Guaman, 18, arrived with his family from Ecuador three years ago speaking Spanish and only”a little bit” of English, he full story
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Education gap wider for some non-English speakers in county

October 29, 2008

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD–Two dozen teens pour into Margaret Vanbuskirk’s classroom for 6th period at Gaithersburg High School, a blur of blue jeans and baseball caps. They hail from countries wrenched by war and economic woe — El Salvador, Iraq, Togo — trying to full story
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Education in Spotlight on Statewide Ballots

October 7, 2008

EDUCATION WEEK–Education issues are poised to break through the din of presidential politics and economic anxiety in more than a dozen states next month, as voters confront ballot questions and constitutional amendments involving K-12 policy and school finance. full story