MSU English as Second Language Program Enrollment Largest of Public Schools in KY

December 4, 2008

MURRAY, KY–On a campus where international student enrollment is growing steadily, language barriers can seem daunting. However, Murray State University’s English as a Second Language program serves as an important transition program for international students attending the school. The ESL program emphasizes language proficiency in all skill and knowledge areas, full story
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Central meets NCLB goals

November 13, 2008

CECELIA, KY–Central Hardin High School has met all of its goals for No Child Left Behind, a recent discovery the school’s administration made after an error was found in the results. Previously, Central wasn’t considered to have made annual yearly progress, or AYP, which is achieved by meeting all of the school’s listed goals, because they hadn’t made sufficient progress in full story
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Operation Read needs more ESL tutors

October 16, 2008

LEXINGTON, KY–When Leonilde Moo, 65, first moved from Colombia to the United States in the late 1960s, she knew 10 English words. Watching American soap operas taught her a few more. But her English improved vastly in the early 1970s when she enrolled in some free English as a second language classes at the University of Kentucky. full story