Iowa enrollment spurt to replace decline

November 24, 2008

DES MOINES, IA–Declining enrollment, which has changed the landscape of Iowa schools over the past decade, will come to an end in two years as immigrant families continue to put down roots in the Hawkeye state, education projections show. full story
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New report: More English-language learners in Iowa schools

November 20, 2008

DES MOINES, IA–The number of Iowa students with limited English-speaking skills has skyrocketed over time but their test scores have fallen, according to an Iowa Department of Education report released today. About 14,000 students who full story
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SL educator: Language is key to immigration issue

November 4, 2008

STORM LAKE, IO–For Katya Koubek, the key to understanding is to be found within the beauty of common language, and multicultural Storm Lake is a perfect place to search for that key.
The Buena Vista University assistant professor of education is becoming a national leader in the campaign to win cultural full story
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Student body makeup affects skills

October 22, 2008

DES MOINES, IA–Increased numbers of poor and immigrant students in Des Moines public schools are making it difficult to meet federal reading and math standards, school officials say. More than one-third of Des Moines public schools – 22 schools and the district itself – have been placed on a “schools in need of assistance” list for failing to meet proficiency expectations full story