Indian students number highest on US campuses

November 24, 2008

INDIA POST–India has, for yet another year, emerged as the leading place of origin for international students in the United States with 94,563 enrolling into campuses across the nation in 2007/08. The double-digit increase at 13% from full story
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Experts stress on right method of learning English

November 20, 2008

KOLKATA, INDIA–Experts argue that English cannot be taught through Bengali medium and the earlier system of teaching English in state-run schools was faulty. “One cannot rely on the existing teaching mechanism in the state for teaching English full story
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New record: 94,563 Indian students in US

November 18, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC–Indian interest in an American degree remains unabated, notwithstanding random accidents and homicides involving students from India in the United States. For the seventh year running, India is the leading source of foreign full story
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British teachers to equip Punjab teachers in English

November 11, 2008

CHANDIGARH, INDIA–Under an agreement with the University of Wolver Hampton, now teachers from Britain will train class X teachers in Punjab government schools in teaching of the English language. “We have already trained 42 teachers from the state in May. It was a ten-day camp in which our teachers went to local schools in Punjab and tried to explain the importance of improving and perfecting English in teaching,” full story
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Falling Re raises cost of studying in US

November 5, 2008

MUMBAI, INDIA–Parents and guardians of thousands of students studying in the US are bearing the brunt of a violently fluctuating rupee against the US dollar. During the past year in which the rupee has fallen almost 16 per cent, not only have tuition fees shot up, living and travel expenses, too, have risen drastically. full story
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Foreign students to take PU’s own language test

October 29, 2008

CHANDIGARH, INDIA–Indian students applying to foreign universities are usually made to take English proficiency tests, mainly International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test For English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The Panjab University has now decided to return the favour. Foreign students enrolling themselves here would now have to full story
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Get that accent right with Bangalore’s English teachers

October 17, 2008

BANGALORE, INDIA–At first glance, one would mistake Sadhana Govindraj, 32, to be practising English pronunciation with a headphone attached to a computer assisting her at her home in the uspscale Jayanagar neighbourhood of south Bangalore. She is, in fact, teaching her students miles away to speak English the way it should be spoken. full story

Indians look to America for a new accent on English

October 13, 2008

MUMBAI, INDIA–In India, speaking English with an American accent is no longer the preserve of call centre workers. Children, business people and the elderly here are now seeking a US twang. The phenomenon has spread from the Indian offshore operations boom in the late 1990s to a wider cross-section of society, whether to help them full story

Cabbies get Games makeover

October 8, 2008

NEW DELHI, INDIA–The Delhi auto driver’s image as a tough nut, prone to break out into street-Hindi curses, could see a makeover in a couple of years. If everything goes to plan, the city’s taxi drivers, autowallahs, security guards and hotel waiters will turn into polite speakers of English by 2010, just in time for the Commonwealth Games. The Union tourism ministry is devising a scheme to teach them “good English” full story