Florida can’t afford to cut ESOL training

October 27, 2008

MIAMI, FL–Learning a foreign language can be daunting. In Florida, there are almost a quarter-million public-school students learning English for the first time. They’re expected to pass the FCAT in a year. Talk about intimidating. Those students don’t only have to speak English fluently, they must master grammar and reading at their grade level. Yet research shows it takes two to five full story

Education degree program at USF St. Petersburg passes review

October 23, 2008

ST. PETERSBURG, FL–A Florida Department of Education review gave high marks and recommended approval for the master of arts program in elementary education/ESOL at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. State reviews are conducted of education programs that lead graduates to state licensure. This was the first review for the College of Education full story

Standards change for ESOL programs

October 15, 2008

FORT MYERS, FL–Bonita Springs Middle eighth-grader Jorge Bahena’s language arts class is his favorite because it helps him in all his other ones. Bahena, 14, takes language arts and reading with other students also learning English. He only spoke Spanish when he arrived from Mexico a year ago. Recently, he read part of a dialogue aloud and worked with a partner to write one in English full story

School board to review English Language Learners plan

October 10, 2008

CAPE CORAL, FL–During today’s Lee County School Board meeting, there will be a public hearing to approve the district’s updated English Language Learners plan that deals with 6,804 students not fluent in English. Formerly known as English Speakers of Other Languages or ESOL, students are enrolled in English Language Learners or full story