Teachers challenged in multilingual classrooms

October 28, 2008

AURORA, CO–Tagalog, Bangla and Fulfulde. They might sound like characters from a video game or a cartoon, but they are among the 84 languages from 105 countries spoken in Aurora Public Schools. The 32,000-student school district, like others throughout Colorado, enrolls an increasing number of students who speak languages other than English or Spanish. Those students must learn English quickly because they are held to the same standards and requirements asĀ full story
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Recruit scam stings Teikyo university

October 13, 2008

DENVER, CO–A recruiter from Tajikistan who promised to send students from his country to bolster the enrollment of a small Denver college is accused of fleecing the students and the school out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. George Hegarty, president of Teikyo Loretto Heights University on South Federal Boulevard, said the man who offered his services seemedĀ full story

Education in Spotlight on Statewide Ballots

October 7, 2008

EDUCATION WEEK–Education issues are poised to break through the din of presidential politics and economic anxiety in more than a dozen states next month, as voters confront ballot questions and constitutional amendments involving K-12 policy and school finance. full story